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Smartphone Digital Access for Vehicle Owners

Smartphones are reducing the need to carry credit cards for payment. Now, owners can also leave their car keys at home, and instead use their smartphone to securely access and lock their vehicle. As the owner approaches the car, the car and smartphone communicate through the connected vehicle system to authenticate the digital key and verify the policy, giving full access to all aspects of the car. The owner can set parameters in the app and the in-car infotainment system to customize the ride: seat position, climate control preferences, infotainment preferences, etc. These preferences are saved so the car automatically recalls these preferences upon entry.

Upon leaving, the vehicle can be securely locked from the smartphone. All of this can be accomplished whether user’s phone is online or offline. The connected vehicle system monitors any unauthorised access attempts.

Vehicle Fleet Health Status for Fleet Owners and OEMs

Our connected vehicle system gives you a comprehensive overview about the current health and status of your vehicles. The vehicle periodically collects the information of all available electronic control units and generates a vehicle health and system state protocol. This contains for each vehicle:
  • Electronic Identification: Hardware and Software Part Numbers, Version and Serial Numbers.
  • Diagnostic Error codes (DTCs) and environmental data, which support the repair process before the vehicle reaches the garage.
As an OEM, the portal and backend solution also provides the possibility to define and execute Software-Over-The-Air update operations for all ECUs in the vehicle, push configuration changes or execute remote diagnostics to troubleshoot field problems, saving time and money on new vehicle launches and during the complete program life.
As a leader in cloud, advanced analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Microsoft is empowering organizations to achieve more through digital transformation. Digital transformation is fundamentally reshaping the automotive industry, with connected vehicles creating new opportunities for automotive manufacturers (OEMs), Tier one suppliers, and ecosystem partners.

Delivering an end-to-end connected car solution requires investment in digital technologies and partnerships. Microsoft is the only technology partner that brings together a globally scalable and secure cloud infrastructure, strong data analytics capabilities, productivity tools, and a partner ecosystem into an agile platform that provides total flexibility and control. Microsoft’s platform for connected vehicle solutions, built on Microsoft’s cloud, prioritizes global scale, security, and flexibility at a fundamental level, with global availability supported by 38 datacenters around the world, including China.

Microsoft provides the foundation that enables OEMs to deliver differentiated, finished solutions. With a comprehensive portfolio of services that span the physical (car) and digital (cloud), our partners can build experiences integrating telematics and predictive services, productivity and digital life, connected advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), advanced navigation, and customer insights and engagement.
Irdeto is the world leader in digital platform protection, securing over 5 billion devices and applications, enabling our customers to protect their brand and revenues, create new business models and fight cybercrime.

Our Connected Transport portfolio uses Irdeto’s patented Cloakware technology and cryptographic key management to protect vehicles’ connected systems including ECUs, IVIs and telematics from hacking. This uses a highly effective, multi-layered, renewable and tunable approach to software protection that is future-proof and relies on 20 years of proven cybersecurity success. Leading vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) and their Tier-1 suppliers rely on Irdeto to ensure vehicle safety and compliance, while safeguarding their reputation and revenue.

Secure sharing of vehicle access is a key aspect of any end-to-end connected vehicle platform solution. The technology behind Irdeto’s Keystone product offers secure, policy-based control of user access permission/revocation, vehicle sharing and mobile device-based access. It also enables a personalized in-vehicle experience by allowing the configuration of multiple vehicle settings including speed and geolocation restrictions for specific users. This open up new business models in the fleet and dealer markets across automotive and heavy transport, bringing added value.
To find out more visit connected-transport.irdeto.com
For more than 35 years we have been the leading experts in the development of innovative and customer-specific communication solutions for vehicle electronics. Whether in vehicle development, production, after-sales or the field of vehicle connectivity—our modular and flexible solutions support processes during the entire vehicle life cycle with a maximum focus on connectivity and digitalization. DSA provides the core vehicle communications and diagnostics technology that enables a secure communication with all the Electronic Control Units in the Vehicle. The integration of our powerful MCD-3D Server and D-PDU-API implementations enable use cases such as Telemetry, Remote Control, Vehicle Health & System State and Over-The-Air Update while reducing costs for development and integration by using a foundation of reliable and well proven technology. With our cloud integration solution, we simplify the development of applications that concentrate on creating value for the vehicle users.

Our domain knowledge in the areas of Electronics Engineering, Configuration and Repair enable us to provide the most efficient data analysis and visualization tools to improve the reliability and quality of the vehicles. Our Fleet Health Management web application console provides a real-time visualization of the overall status, enabling a proactive response to potential problems.
To find out more visit www.dsa.de

Smartphone Digital Key Sharing for Vehicle Owners and Fleet Operators

Vehicles increasingly have multiple users, within families, as ride-shares or as fleet vehicles. Access via smartphone can be shared amongst specific people, each with specific usage privileges. A teenage daughter, for example, might require restrictions on maximum speed, locations, time-of day, and access to the trunk. A ride-share user might get certain geographic boundaries given their subscription plan. A dealer or fleet manager might want to grant access for certain dates or times.

All of this can be accomplished via the connected vehicle system, with all permitted or unauthorised access monitored. Digital keys may be revoked at any time by the owner or fleet manager. Keys can be shared either locally, via direct communication between the owner’s and additional user’s phones, or remotely between them via the internet.

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Vehicle Data Analytics Using Live Telemetry for Fleet Operators and OEMs

Whether fleet operator or OEM—Monitoring of vehicles on the road to detect defective systems or critical situations improves safety and saves time and money. Reduce the maintenance of your vehicle fleet by taking advantage of comprehensive, real-time operation data monitoring in combination with data analytics and predictive maintenance: Our connected vehicle system with its intelligent hardware and software not only helps you to recognize maintenance needs by enabling live insights into health and location of your vehicles on the road and referring to faulty conditions. It also enables you to notify the driver of problems even before they occur.

All data collected from the vehicle (CAN trace logs, vehicle state, position, etc.) together with additional information from other sources (vehicle configuration, etc.) is documented in the connected vehicle platform and can be analyzed. Using clustering and multivariate analysis, the system can provide valuable and deep insights via customizable dashboards that help to understand vehicle performance and possible relationships that point to root causes of problems. Such relationships can then be used to perform analysis, confirm issues and issue possible fixes. Based on this, drivers can automatically be notified when such patterns are detected in the vehicle.



Vehicle Health & System State

Remote Control

Provide secure access to vehicle functionality

Data Analytics

Visualize and create understanding all data collected about your vehicle fleet


Gather sensor information to analyze the behaviour of the vehicle

Software over the Air Update

Update all Control Units and enable new functionality

Vehicle Health & System State

Collect ECU Information such as Error Codes, Measurements and Identification Data

Remote / In-Vehicle Diagnostics

Workshop level diagnostics and repair application using standard mobile devices

The way ahead

As the ‘Internet of Things’ extends into the automotive world, secure, connected driving not only is amongst the top buying criteria with vehicle users, it’s absolutely essential as we drive towards the autonomous era.

Users see their car as just another connected device and expect to unlock it with their phone and have all the comforts of a connected experience.  They also want to be able to monitor their vehicle’s health and not only tell them something’s wrong but also alert the service center and, plot the quickest way to get there, proactively arming the technician with the live diagnostic telemetry data at hand, saving time.

Connectivity brings also great opportunities to improve the quality and reliability of the vehicle fleet to the OEMs.  Through functions such as telemetry analysis using big-data technologies, remote diagnostics and Firmware-over-the-Air update, potential problems are quickly identified and resolved.

These examples show how an end-to-end connectivity solution not only benefits the driver but also differentiates manufacturers eager to sell new models.


To that end, the industry’s leading companies in smart mobility solutions have come together to address this complex need in the automotive industry. Link Motion, specialists in vehicle cockpit technology; Irdeto, the pioneers and leaders in cryptographic and platform security; and DSA, with expertise in telemetry, diagnostics and data analytics are all joined by Microsoft with their connected vehicle solutions in the cloud.

Together, these innovation leaders bring an off-the-shelf, scalable solution that makes connectivity and managing data easy, for the connected vehicles of today and the future.